Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ricky Martin

On the 16 of September, Ricky Martin gave a concert of his Música+Alma+Sexo (music+soul+sex) world tour at the River Plate soccer stadium. Despite pouring rain which began at the same time as the delayed show (coincidence? I think not), the show was attended by probably 30,000 people. Although he peaked in the United States almost 10 year ago, in Argentina he is still hugely popular. The crowd demanded encore after encore, and I literally didn't see a single person leave despite the downpour. Alejandro had bought lawn seats, but ahh Argentina, we were relocated to the highest level of the stadium. Well, at least we had a good view of the entire place.Oh, and did I forget to mention there is no alcohol sold inside and food and drink are not allowed to be brought in...
(such a sweet moment!)

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