Monday, October 24, 2011

10 Facts about Argentina you might not know

1. Restaurants don't serve complimentary tap water. If you want water you have to order bottles, and specify if you want carbonated or still.

2. Voting is obligatory, and takes place on a Sunday.

3. People kiss on the cheek to greet each other - school aged kids, police officers, sweaty guys in the gym, everyone.

4. Public school children wear white smocks that look like lab coats over their regular clothes.

5. Yesterday (23 October 2011), the country's first female president Cristina Kirchner was reelected for a second term.

6. Elevator doors are manual. The entrance to the elevator shaft on each floor, as well as the elevator itself, have sliding doors. If the doors aren't closed all the way, the elevator won't move.
 7. Most toilets flush with the push of a button on the wall behind the toilet (about 4 feet up), or by pulling on a chain that hangs from a toilet tank (which is about 6 feet up).
8. In 2010, Argentina was the first country in South America to legalize gay marriage.

9. The center of the executive branch of government (the White House in the U.S.) is called the Casa Rosada (pink house because it's pink), and at night the pink lights they use on it make it look like a club.
10. The population of the country is around 40 million, the population of Buenos Aires city is around 3 million and the population of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area is around 13 million.

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