Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Miranda is an Argentine electropop group formed in 2001, which consists of male and female lead vocalists plus three other band members. They are known for their dramatic lyrics, unique (if not plain strange) music videos and a performance style which is a mix of punk, musical theater and the Osmonds. They have released several records, received many awards and gained worldwide notoriety.
On October 1, they gave a free concert at the Vicente Lopez Anfiteatro, an outdoor venue located on the bank of the Río de la Plata (River Plate). It was a cold night with a strong wind off the river, but the concert was still attended by a few hundred die hard fans. The show started late (of course), but after a healthy dose of political propaganda (of which the show itself was a part of), the energy was great for the entire show. For nearly two hours everyone (except me) belted out the words to every single song popular or not, and more than a few people in the crowd had styles which clearly mimicked the band. Per the usual, when the show ended the crowd demanded encore after encore, and a few of their most famous hits closed out the show.

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