Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Boutique Old Museum

The old club Museum is now known as Boutique. It's located in San Telmo at Peru 535 and it's a beautiful 3 level space. Colored banners make use of high ceilings, and-dim multi colored lights excite the ambiance while still maintaining the cool. The first floor has a huge dance floor, bars on both sides and a stage at the far end. The second and third floors are balconies which circle the perimeter of the room and look down onto the dance floor. On the balcony levels, there are booths with low tables against the walls for those who want to stay out of the crowd, and along the outside there is a mix of people talking and dancing. On Wednesdays, they have an after office party which starts at 7 pm and continues into the regular club hours. They set up tables on the dance floor and offer a short food menu of 6 or 8 items including sushi, chicken fingers and tacos. Entry is free before 9:30, and you pay with obligatory consumption after that. Drinks specials are until 9:30, and are usually 2x1 on select cocktails.

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