Monday, October 10, 2011


In Argentina the ice cream is creamier and the flavors are dreamier. No really, ice cream is hugely popular, and you can find an heladería (ice cream store) on every block. However, all heladerías were not created equal. As with most food stores there are chains (Freddo is the best) and independents which range from downright sketchy to upscale artesanal. Tufic is one of the latter, and has a really good bad (good for cravings, really bad for waistlines) location 2 blocks from my apartment on the corner of Armenia and Guatemala. 
I pass it everyday on my way to the gym, (helpful, right?) but had been faithfully avoiding it. Then one day in the lobby of my apartment building was a promotional flyer, and it was all over. Monday had the best promotion (2x1 kilos), so the next Monday I was there. Inside the counter is to the left, and there are a few tables on the right as well as a staircase to a second floor loft with tables. The interior is modern with a white minimalist design, so naturally the freezer of ice cream catches your eye. Inside there were dozens of flavors including a variety of dulce de leches, a variety of chocolates, fruit flavors and a couple of sorbets. You can choose 3 flavors in each kilo, so we decided on one light and fruity and the other rich and chocolatey. I am absolutely enamored with mascarpone ice cream, which I discovered on my last trip here and never found in the states. So, for the first kilo I choose mascarpone with a red fruit swirl and red (strawberries, raspberries and cherries I think) fruit ice cream. In the second was dulce de leche with alfajores, dulce de leche with chocolate cake and Oreo (which is sometimes called chocolate cookies in cream or at Freddo American cookies). While I was checking out, Alejandro spoke with the server and discovered that all the ice cream was made in house, in the downstairs facility.
Two kilos really is too much for two people, and we still have them in our freezer. Though I must admit, a few spoonfuls of good ice cream is a great way to improve a bad day.

Tufic promotions: Mon: 2x1 kilos, Tues: Buy 1 kilo get 1/4 kilo free, Wed: 20% off 1 kilo for delivery & Everyday: buy 4 1/4 kilos and get the 5th free. Delivery: 4833 0375

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