Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The key to eating sushi in Argentina is to proceed with caution. If I see a promotion or discover a new restaurant part of me is eager to try it, but the bigger part thinks I'm setting myself up for disappointment. That being said, I was super pleasantly surprised to find Wasabi's,  a quality sushi restaurant just a few block from my house that has a wide variety of rolls, good combinations and a really cool ambiance. Located at Thames 1810, the restaurant is set in the trendy Palermo district.The place consists of three dining areas - the largest dining room with black and white upholstered chairs and couches and a chalkboard ceiling; the bar area which holds a few more tables and the sliding glass doors to an outdoor interior courtyard with a pink, green, black, white and grey wall mural.
I went midday, but it was still a bit chilly so I took a seat in the main dining room, with a view of the courtyard. There were a few other occupied tables, and as usual I looked around trying to figure out if I should seat myself or wait. I went to the bar where a couple people were working and asked for a table for one for lunch. They told me wherever I like and a few minutes later a man who was possibly the manager or owner brought me the menu (and asked if I wanted to speak English!). The menu had nigiri, sashimi, geisha, cooked rolls, maki rolls, specialty rolls and some cooked dishes which were of no interest to me.
I decided on a combo meal which allowed me to choose any 15 pieces of sushi (not including sashimi, nigiri or geisha) for A$55 (U$D 14). I decided on 5 pieces each of Wasabi's shrimp (tempura shrimp, cream cheese and honey mustard with sesame seeds outside), spicy tuna and Buenos Aires (salmon, shrimp tempura, cream cheese and avocado with salmon and sesame seeds on top). They had wireless and even offered up the password without asking. They also brought a trio of complimentary appetizers which trump bread and butter any day. These were a white cheese dip seasoned with fresh green onion and served with tempura chips, a cucumber salad marinated in vinegar and the last (which I was not a huge fan of) seasoned red tuna bites.
When my sushi arrived I could literally hardly wait to eat it. When the third roll came a few minutes after the first two, I had already eaten one piece before I even remember to take the picture. The rolls were flavorful and well made and the fish was fresh. They were served properly with ginger and of course wasabi, and I had to resist the urge to order more.
Most dangerous of all? They've got delivery.

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