Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weird stuff

Not so occasionally, I see weird stuff.
 Your life is a shit, and you know it.
 The difference between Coke and cock is kind of crucial.
 Booster seat? I think not...
 How locals treat tourists
Something missing? I paid for 10!
 Toilet tank wisdom "It doesn't exist such thing as ideal love."
 Is there a Cinderella story behind this?
 The men's bathroom is a plant?
 And for the ladies a seat...
 Not a chicken leg, a spinal column...
 It's chained to the roof racks. Got to protect your (err Jumbo's) property
Free advertising or trademark infringement?
Ummm. The title isn't in Spanish?
Solid cooling system
The wink face makes it so scandalous.

1 comment:

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