Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Health Food Way

Beef, cheese and red wine are an indisputably heavenly combo of sophisticated and savory native Argentine indulgences, the ideal spread for when you're looking to feast like a king. But if you're looking for something on the lighter side there are milanesas with french fries or empanadas. Not sounding so light? What about pizza or pasta? Sometimes it feels like your living as the infinite house guest to that family member who never stops feeding you, refusal or not. It can be downright difficult to find a gourmet salad, a veggie stacked sandwich or a real fruit smoothie around the city. That is except for health food way.
This unofficially named (aka by yours truly) area in the Centro is the one place where you can chow down nearly guilt free to your healthful heart's delight. On Reconquista, between Lavalle and Paraguay there is a huge selection of fresh food restaurants. Most cater to the professional crowd, offering a variety of quick preparation or prepackage meals. The usual spread is salad, sandwiches, sides, smoothies, snacks and a few hot options like paninis or wok. Most have both outdoor and indoor seating and WiFi. Individual reviews to follow. But if you're looking for a repose from the heavy, fried and filling, I recommend you feast your eyes on this. (The restaurants are in order from Lavalle to Paraguay.)
Pura Vida
 Establecimiento General de Cafe
 Open Kitchen
 Green eat

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