Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Terazzas del Este (4700 Sarmiento), known simply as Terazzas is a club unmatched by any other in Buenos Aires. With 10 bars and 4 dance floors, plus various hallways and smaller spaces, it's a labyrinth of dance floors, drinks and music. It's open on Wednesdays for after office from 7 pm until 1:30 and Saturdays from 12:30 until 7 am. The exclusive hours ensure that it's always full of Buenos Aires' most fashionable and best partyers.
The space inside is more or less divided into three distinct areas. The reggaeton space, is often the fullest with wall to wall dancers, and thus also the hardest to get a drink at. Private tables and ample bar access, are features of the darker and calmer pop area, where people pass through getting drinks or take a rest from dancing on low walls which double as benches. The house and electronic room is a kaleidoscope of room-vibrating music and flashing lights, frequented by the whistle blowing and nonstop dancing.
Outside lush green landscaping dances with the river breeze alongside club goers who never stop. Other people cool off, smoking and drinking at various tables or get a change of scenery in the airy gazebo decorated by hanging vines.

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