Sunday, January 22, 2012

Waffles del Mundo

Did you know the world's best waffles come from a quaint corner restaurant in Tigre, Argentina? Alright, they may have taken some poetic license with the name; nonetheless it's a great restaurant. The dining room is pretty small, with probably less than a dozen tables inside plus a few outside, but worth your time. It's really cute inside, with a kitschy decor somewhere between an American diner and Dutch ski lodge. Plus, all the chefs wear white aprons and matching hats, and in general look like robust doting mothers. 
The menu, like the experience as a whole, is totally random. Of course there are waffles, of both the sweet and savory variety, topped with everything from Nutella and fruit to veggies and cheese sauce. For a quick bite waffle they also have a variety of waffle kabobs served on barbeque skewers, which are filled with things like banana or caprese and then brushed with your choice of sauces. If you eat in they are also served with an ant hill of potato sticks.
There are also a variety of non-waffle items ranging from salads and smoothies to pizza and sandwiches. Of all non-waffle items though, the taco cone reigns supreme. It's an overflowing crispy bread cone layered with lettuce, tomato, carrot, onion and seasoned beef topped with a dollop of sour cream. Though served in a paper cone holder it's sort of impossible to put down, not that you'd want to anyway. The cold ingredients are on the bottom, and the warm beef is on top. The meat mixture is a combination of well seasoned meat, chopped veggies and a thick sauce simmered in a crock pot all day long, which believe it or not was actually a little salty for my taste. Nonetheless I ate two in one day, so it wasn't too much of a problem.
They cater specifically to the feria-going crowds with plenty of take out options. Taco cones and waffle kabobs are ideal meal choices, but there are also lighter options like fruit salad and smoothies in plastic to go cups. There is a take out window on the side for quick service, where as a bonus you can watch your waffle transform from a spoonful of batter to an amazing dish in just a few minutes. 
Stop by to start a day of shopping at the Puerto de Frutos off right!

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