Monday, March 5, 2012

La Churreria

One of my favorite memories of Spain is walking around the Feria de Seville and chowing down on every last morsel of crispy churros. The long fried donuts were served alongside a thick liquid chocolate used for dipping at first and sipping afterwards.
When I decided to move to Argentina, I was already drooling for churros, daydreaming of what I both hoped and feared would become a daily ritual. Thus you can imagine my panic and then lingering disgust when I realized these babies are quite hard to find. Well, to be clear churros aren't hard to find, but chocolate dipped dulce de leche filled ones are. Though for some strange reason (churros ≠ bikini/speedo bods), they are super popular and prevalent at the beaches.
However, in my wanderings throughout Capital (limited as they are to the D line), I've yet to find an exclusively churro shop. Plain churros are available in most panaderías, filled ones are the next most common but filled and chocolate dipped are quite elusive. I've only met with one shop in Recoleta that consistently carries them, and even that is in limited quantities so the early bird gets the worm. 
I'd resigned myself to chance encounters, until one day I was strolling the artisan fería at el Puerto de Frutos in Tigre, when it appeared like a mirage.
La Churreria is a pastry shop specializing in artisan churros. It's only a tiny store front, but good things come in small packages. Next to the cash register, there are chocolate baths where recently dipped churros drip dry. A counter along one wall is filled with ready to go goodies. 
I was holding back when I ordered a half dozen for myself. Served in a cute little brown paper bag, they were a beautiful sight. Crispy all around with an airy center, filled in from end to end with sweet creamy dulce de leche and a smooth chocolatey exterior. Heaven in my mouth for A$R 17.50.
Although I haven't been there myself, word on the 'net is that La Giralda at 1453 Avenida Corrientes is the Capital favorite. Bye. La Giralda review coming soon...

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