Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buenos Aires Drink Delivery

5/31/15 - I've been updated that the numbers previously corresponding to this business are now being used as a home phone number. (haha, typical.) Thank you for your interest, but I guess you're on your own again ....

After hour drink delivery is a crucial part of Buenos Aires' internationally renown nightlife. Despite clubs going strong until 7 or 8 in the morning, store sales of alcohol end at 10 pm. Since no one goes out before 1 am, that leaves a big chunk of time which if not properly planned for can be truly disastrous. Luckily, this time gap/gap in the market has been filled by incognito delivery guys. I don't know if they have a big stash of goods or the in with an overtly law abiding kioski, but they they offer alcohol delivery along with other kiosko accoutrements from snacks to cigs to condoms. Plus, the difference in cost usually isn't more than 20 pesos over supermarket cost, undoubtedly worth the convenience. The only problem is that they can be hard to find. Their business isn't legal per se, but they aren't too secretive. This flyer was slid under the door of my apartment building. If you didn't before, now you know a guy.

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