Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Argie Munchies

I don't always find good snacks in Argentina, but when I do I become obsessed with and never deviate from them.
Here is a run down of my favorite Argentine snacks. All of these should be available at your local higher end supermarket. The prices are rough averages as of today. They may increase greatly by tomorrow, as is the trend with food prices...
Be sure you're not fooled by other brand names of the same product, or different flavors from the same brand, buying smoked instead of cheese flavored palitos can really ruin your day.
 Krachitos (cheese balls/puffs/sticks)
 Pehuamar palitos (cheese flavored crackers)
 Sublime (chocolate pudding with an almond & hazelnut flavored swirl) A$R 4
 Fruitgran avena y pasas (crunchy oatmeal raisin cookies) A$R 8
Rocklets bananita (banana-flavored-candy coated chocolates) A$R 3

Other favorite foods that aren't pictured include:
Orange juice - Puro Sol A$R 18 per liter
Water - Glacier A$R 5 per 2 liter bottle
Beer (budget) - Quilmes bajo cero A$R 8 per liter
Crackers - Criollitas A$R 8 per 5 tube pack
Yogurt - Griego A$R 4

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