Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BsAs Roller Night

Move over soccer, Argie's got a new favorite sport. Ok... maybe I'm exaggerating, but rollerblading and to a lesser degree roller skating are becoming seriously popular. Palermo has been packed for a while now, but Puerto Madero is becoming a new favorite weekend spot to skate. Plus, Romario's pizza delivery people are being joined by the masses, using roller blading as the new green means of transportation. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to go a day in Buenos Aires without seeing someone on roller blades, whether for sport, fun or transportation.
This past weekend though (May 12 2012), the life blood of the rollerblading subculture was assembled in one place, at the first Buenos Aires Roller Night. This festival/race combination event was held in Puerto Madero (perhaps the only place in the entire city with well paved roads). The main event was a pair of 15K races, one for men and one for women. There were over 1,800 participants, though the vast majority (probably around 80%) were women. The event also had a stage with music, drummers sponsored by Nextel and several promotional tents.
The crowd was assembling more than an hour before the race with tons of skaters socializing and showing off, as well as many non skating spectators and 4-legged supporters. A group of 282 men raced first, followed by 1,183 women. The winners were incredibly fast with exceptional technique, lapping many other competitors, twice. The first man finished at 31:18 and the first woman finished at 37:00
In general, it was a successful event with cool onda, a great turn out and I think something likely to become a highly anticipated event in the roller world. Although, not everything turned out perfectly...

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