Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ciudad Emergente

Ahh, fond memories of my one of very first festivals in Buenos Aires back in 2010. Ciudad Emergente, another urban art festival at the Centro Cultural de Recoleta, is back again for it's fifth year. The event opens on Wednesday, June 6, and runs through June 12, with concerts on the terrace and other arts such as film, fashion, comedy and more exhibited in the galleries.
PLUS! Don't miss your chance to get free (usually A$R 90) tickets to Hombre Vertiente, a theatrical stage show which includes water, acrobatics and electronic music. You can pick up tickets same day at the CCR starting at 8 pm for the shows which starts at 9 pm (max of 2 tickets per person). And if you've never tried to get something free in BsAs before, the line will probably start forming around 7 pm.

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