Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Moyano strike

What do you call a day off from work spent hanging out and drinking with coworkers, visiting the city and doing a little sightseeing and complaining about work? In Argentina, apparently you call it a strike. Today was the much anticipated drivers' strike, for truckers and other people who wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Turns out, it wasn't just for truckers; many unions and labor/interest/government opposition groups were participating, but because of last week's fuel transport strike the truckers got all the glory. 
The mixed industry crew was led by Moyano, who is secretary of two entities - the General Confederation of Labour (government position) and the Truck Drivers' Union (conflict of interests much?). This strike was in the name of raising the income tax threshold, increasing government handouts benefits for families and some weird deal that Moyano wouldn't run for his government position again if the demands were met.
Strikes are not a joke. They aren't as a break from work but a show of solidarity and seriousness relating to an issue, a time to discuss problems and a place to seek out solutions.
That being said let me report what I saw: numerous bottles of light colored Coke, take that as you may; several boxes of wine, though being passed around in the spirit of solidarity; a handful of lunch trays, cause hey if you’re gonna be camped out on the lawn of the Casa Rosada you might as well make a picnic of it; lots of picture taking, of tourist attractions that is not, for propaganda materials; 1 guy picking his nose despite being in the center of a group of friends; a lot of Che Guevara’s face plus other Communist and Marxist symbols; a path of litter trailing the parading protesters; and, a whole lot of worker men hollering at the poor Porteñas.
Well, sounds like another well done protest in Buenos Aires.
Blah, blah, blah… everyone wants more money. Guess what isn't a good way to show you deserve more, partying in the streets and abandoning your responsibilities!
Doesn't this make you want to give everyone a raise?!

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