Sunday, July 29, 2012


If you read the blog, you know not eating pork in Argentina is a little adventure in and of itself. Yes it’s like the beef capital of the world, and yes there’s a lot of chicken, but when you’re talking about ease of accessibility – a sandwich on a ferry ride or from a kioski refrigerator, you’re about out of luck. I’m a bit of a turkey sandwich fanatic, so when I didn’t find turkey in the supermarket deli case, I was ready to stoop to the level of prepackaged slices and still had no luck there.  
Finally, in my imported-food-driven wanderings I came upon Kalimnos, a small specialty food store with a few locations throughout Capital. It was the condiments in the window display that caught my eye, and inside I found an extensive deli counter, wine shop, imported grocery section and Mediterranean (I’d  guess Greek by the name) antipasto bar. Always on the search for some good cheese, I made a beeline for the deli counter and to what did my wondering eyes appear but two types of turkey (smoked and regular) AND feta was here! Naturally, I ordered both. Mega bonus! The guy cutting the feta gave me all the crumbles from cutting to eat in the store.
I should note that feta is nearly impossible to find, and this was not what I would call totally authentic. I’d give it a 6 out of 10, 10 being an excellent feta and 1 being a cheese they call feta for no apparent reason. Anyway, the turkey was superb, seasoned and delicious, not wet and slimy like the prepackaged stuff. 
The back of the store is the wine and liquor shop, which has a good selection of high quality (read expensive) wines, imported liquors and some specialty beers. The real attraction here, is the basket on the floor of discount wines, where I was able to score a sweet bottle of white wine originally over A$R 100 for A$R 40. 
The grocery section carries a variety of imported products from the U.S. and Europe mostly, including: jams, sauces, spices, pretzel sticks and chocolates.
The Kalimnos pictured here is at 3025 Santa Fe (5 blocks from the Bulnes Subte station). 

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