Thursday, November 15, 2012

Buenos Aires Spring 2012 Events

Spring is the best time in BA. There's so much going on before the holiday exodus, and the weather is (usually) warm and pleasant before the city begins boiling, burning and then bursting into flames around January.
My days are numbered and I'm trying to make the most of them by scouring the event scene. This is what's going on in BA for the rest of 2012.

November 16-18 --> Fería Masticar: This food festival will boast a fresh market along with classes and demonstrations on how to eat healthy. Local celeb chefs, nutritionists and other healthy foodies will try their hand at steering porteños away from DDL and queso. Good luck to them.

November 28- Dec 2 --> Espacio Mujer: Toted as "the whole world of women in one place," this exposition at La Rural will offer products and activities related to different elements of a (stereotypical Argentine) woman's life including health and beauty, family, fashion, art and home decor. 

December 1 and 2 --> Personal Fest: This annual concert showcases musicians from abroad and provides national artists a great chance for exposure, in a carnival-like setting. The main artists (Kings of Leon, Illya Kuryaki and Fiona Apple) are split between the two days. In the past the event has hosted huge names in music like Snoop Dogg in 2007 and Damian Marley last year. For some reason the biggest names in music don't want to earn Argie pesos this year. Weird. 

December 4 - 9 --> Fería Internaciónal de Artesanías: One of my all time favorites, this event also held at La Rural is like an aggregate, indoor, civilized version of all the ferías throughout the country. Artists from throughout the region offer a huge range of artisan products, sometimes at prices even lower than the regular ferías. Christmas shopping at it's finest.

December 8 --> The Argentina Independent Underground Market: An expat food haven, this event has quickly becoming a classic since the first one this winter. Hosted by the English language newspaper, the event specializes in prepared food for on the spot chow and makes a day of it with music. This "Christmas edition" will also have crafts for sale. For all the expats who won't be traveling this year, this is as close to home sweet home it's going to get. 

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