Monday, November 5, 2012

Wet clothes sale

I recently caught a headline about backlash due to a Hurricane Sandy sale. Being in Argentina has made me realize how utterly ridiculous Americans are about being offended. Gone are the days of good humor or just plain ignoring things you don't like; the USA has become the land of the official apology demand, and it's making everyone look dumb. Argentina can't be bothered by the political correctness.
Capital was hit with a big storm the same Monday as Sandy hit the Carolinas. (But I didn't write this post until now because my inbred political correctness didn't think I should publish a lighthearted article in the wake of a disaster.) It was no hurricane, but it did close down subway and train networks, flood millions of acres of agricultural fields, force some people to be evacuated from their homes and destroy this shelter for hundreds of dogs.
Just like their capitalist frenemies to the north, BA stores took advantage of the sales opportunity with what they call "wet clothes sales." With a rhyming tagline of liquidacion por inundacion, many stores had bouncers to control the dozens of people waiting in line for their piece of the discount action. (This speaks to how rare discounts are in BA.)
Oh one last thing though, it wasn't just a sales gimmick with a catchy tagline. The stores were literally selling wet clothes. Stores flooded and they were trying to get rid of the soggy merch before the musty smell set in. That's what I call a LIQUIDation. (The potential for bad puns here is infinite...)

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