Thursday, December 6, 2012

Buenos Aires Rain Storms aka Concrete Jungle Monsoons

Como se dice "waded" en espanol, because I just waded home from work. Buenos Aires has incredibly heavy rain storms that last for hours on end. This of course leads to flooding, especially is the lowlands of Belgrano where I happen to live.
Thus, my afternoon looked like this: Walked to and from the bus in the rain to get to work and ended up with wet-front pants and sloshy shoes. (That was the pleasant part.)
After work, waited for the bus in a small river. (That bright white square is the bus stop.)
Got off the bus because it was taking a detour due to the streets on the route being closed. (That's Cabildo, the main road.)
Tried other routes home, discovering all options led to a waist high river crossing. 
Waited and watched some people being rescued. 
Finally crossed crossed in some thigh high water. (My best option? The place pictured above, albeit following closely behind someone else.) 
Got home and took a quick shower. (This storm happened just a few hours after a chemical container explosion released a smog cloud over the city. I think my extra toe is already starting to sprout...)
But every black rain cloud has a silver lining, there'll probably be wet clothes sales by the end of the day.

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