Thursday, December 6, 2012

Personal Fest 2012

Personal Fest is known and loved not only for its international lineup of musicians but also the whimsical carnival theme, and this year was no exception. Although the lineup may have been a little more domestic than usual (the day 2 headliner was Argentine band, Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas), the scene was as outlandish as ever with light up porter potties sporting male and female signs that danced to show when the toilet was occupied and massage chairs sprouting a hand to hold out of one armrest. (Sorry the video is sideways, but I think it's funny enough to warrant a head tilt.) There were also photo-op scenes with props like roller skates, giant lollipops and a foam machine.
After a well planned previa, we arrived to discover no beer. There's beer at Ultra but not this event, c'mon guys! The only recourse? They had good food. It never ceases to amaze that here the cost of food at an event is the same as it is in the restaurant. Hallelujah. You can almost get a buzz from a shwarma (Medio Oriente) and arepa (Caracas) mix. Add Soja to the mix and I was bien satisfecha, nonetheless.
Mexican group, Molotov was the pleasant surprise of the night. They're well known in Latin American circles, but it was the first time I heard (and heard of them). What do you think?

2012 hasn't been a easy year for Argentina, and this event was certainly not exempt from its wrath. It lacked a superstar headliner, perhaps due to all the restrictions on money, and beer for no possible good reason. Overall though it was a good show, just not up to par with last year's
P.S. Personal, you kind of discriminate against foreign people. I mean, if I have your service, I deserve to join the club!

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