Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 more things you may not know about Argentina...

1. It's a tradition to eat gnocchi on the 29th of every month. Sometimes restaurants have A$R 29 specials.
2. Bachelor parties are called despedidas, the same word for going away parties.
3. In Buenos Aires, water bills are determined by the square meterage of a property, not the amount of water used.
4. Graduations are celebrated by throwing paint, eggs and flour onto students.
5. Getting a DUI doesn't necessarily cause you to have your license suspended. (They use a point system. In summary: you have 20 points to start and then various amounts of points are subtracted for different offenses. If you reach 0, you lose your license. A DUI/OUI will only cost you 10 points,  though at 20 racing could get it suspended. Read more (in Spanish) here.)
6. Everyone (due to a recent update, age 14 and older) has to carry a national ID card with their fingerprint on it.
7. Argentina has more national holidays (feriadios) than any other country.
8. You can call a local cafe and get coffee delivered in glassware on a silver tray from your local cafeteria. 
9. If you require a blood transfusion you are expected to later pay back the same amount of blood that you used. If you can't personally, you should recruit family or friends (or strangers if it comes to that) to donate on your behalf. 
10. The traffic lights change from green to yellow to red, but also from red to yellow to green. 

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